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Martyr Sauce X Kenji Stoll


Staying true to her larger-than-life whimsical installations, artist and curator Tariqa Waters is relaunching Martyr Sauce! Her new innovative expansion will commission artists in collaborative works facilitating transformative and immersive experiences through public engagement. Opening May 6th, Martyr Sauce’s exciting new collaborative chapter will feature visual artist and muralist Kenji Stoll.  Tickets will be available June 3rd!

Kenji Hamai Stoll is a visual artist based in Tacoma, Washington. Stoll has an interest and focus in public art, large scale murals, design, and community development. To learn more about Kenji's work and practice visit here.







Video credit: AJ Lenzi

Seattle Met


Pioneer Square’s Martyr Sauce Has Grown into a Street Level Gallery

You can still step inside the underground art space, but now it has a candy-colored sibling: MS PAM.

THE MURAL HAS a door in it. When Tariqa Waters opens this door, it seems more like a portal: Beyond lies a dull gray hallway in an old Pioneer Square building, columns of tired metal mail slots. This is what most of the real world looks like, I realize, but by this point I have been inside Waters’s art space, MS PAM (Martyr Sauce Pop Art Museum), for several minutes and have forgotten the real world. I’ve acclimated to its decadent, fun-house hues.



Your guide to intriguing exhibits in the Seattle area this spring

Martyr Sauce

New space opening May 6, 2021; upcoming exhibit featuring muralist Kenji Stoll, dates and title forthcoming

With her colorful, larger-than-life installations, Tariqa Waters — artist, curator and founder of the gallery Martyr Sauce — is always one to watch. And that’s about to get a whole lot easier now that Martyr Sauce is relaunching in a new space this May. The new space is above ground (as opposed to the original, very cool but underground space in Pioneer Square) and features large windows which Waters says she’ll take full advantage of by curating and creating large enticing installations that you’ll be able to enjoy from the street. (The original Martyr Sauce space will have new programming, too, after the pandemic eases.) In the new space, Waters will commission artists in collaborative works that she calls “transformative and immersive experiences through public engagement.” First up is Tacoma-based visual artist and muralist Kenji Stoll. “You won’t have to enter the space,” said Waters. “You can soak it up from the street and when you come inside, it’s a treat.”    -Crystal Paul



         Thursday-Saturday by appointment



         108 S. Jackson St., Seattle 

         Masks required

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