Local Sightings 2022 – Opening Night 

Thank you, MS PAM is an educational and entertaining television show for all ages. A show starring artist, Tariqa Waters celebrating artists and creatives. MS PAM (Martyr Sauce Pop Art Museum) is located in downtown Seattle’s Historic Arts District, Pioneer Square. 

Full of vibrant whimsy, MS PAM is the cultural hub for fun and quirky comedy sketches, interviews, cooking and art making segments featuring artists, creatives and local small business owners/community members. The television show will also showcase in-studio visits, shopping/local boutiques, restaurant cooking segments and recreational indoor and outdoor activities.

"In our main feature Thank You, MS PAM, the inimitable Tariqa Waters, curator of Pioneer Square’s Martyr Sauce Pop Art Museum, hosts an unconventional talk show. With her signature question, “What’s in your lunchbox?”, Waters probes the minds of Seattle dancers, tattoo artists, musicians, and restaurateurs to explore the joys of their pasts and their loves of today."  -Northwest Film 

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Tariqa Waters is a multifaceted contemporary artist known for her whimsical, larger-than-life fabrications, paintings, self-portraitures and installations. Her technicolor characterizations of multigenerational commercial references reclaim an authentic and sincere aesthetic steeped in effortless regality and proudly celebrated traditions. For ten years as founding owner of Martyr Sauce, a Black-Owned, Artist-led Pop Art Museum & Gallery located in the historic arts district of Pioneer Square, Waters is dedicated to cultivating artistic space and community. 


In staying true to her innovative practice and her neighborhood, Waters' crosswalk design reimagines the traditional white lines replacing them with a commonplace, ubiquitous household item while referencing the colorful 80s design movement known as, Memphis Design. Memphis Design is most recognized for its loud colors and zaney geometric patterns. The intent of this design is to bring vibrancy, color and joy to these unprecedented times, as well as a tangible sense of inclusion and community. History in the making, Waters is the first artist to have an installation of this kind in Pioneer Square.