Tariqa Waters, a force in Seattle’s arts community, expands gallery, curates vibrant show at BAM 


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By Gayle Clemans


Even as businesses close and the art world struggles, Seattle artist-gallerist Tariqa Waters is making some bold moves. Not only is she the curator for a vibrant new show opening Nov. 6 at the Bellevue Arts Museum, she is expanding her gallery, Martyr Sauce, in Pioneer Square.


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SEATTLE — Founded in 2012 by artist and curator Tariqa Waters, Martyr Sauce is an underground art gallery and cultural institution. This gallery is popular for creating projects base on pop culture with a big message.


Consumers or consumed? Curator Tariqa Waters asks the question

International examiner

To most people, yellow is just a color: simple, bright, visceral, sunny. But FD&C Yellow 5, also known as tartrazine, is a synthetic chemical dye; its use in food and cosmetics is controversial. For her current exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum, curator and artist Tariqa Waters has adopted Yellow No. 5 as a title and a metaphor.


Tariqa Waters | 2020 Neddy at Cornish Award Winner

Cornish college of the arts



Tariqa Waters, the artist behind alternative Pioneer Square gallery Martyr Sauce, explores “the meaning and the power of the word NO” with this Seattle Art Museum tote. What better way to end 2020 than with a resounding objection? 


Tariqa Waters burst onto the Seattle art scene eight years ago, opening a Pioneer Square gallery with an intriguing name and a tiny footprint — one that belied its mighty impact. 


Back then, visitors to Martyr Sauce (named for her daughter’s malapropism of “tartar sauce” and housed entirely in a stairway) were welcomed, on one side, by Waters’s 8-foot tall painting of seventh president and slaveholder Andrew Jackson wearing a pink metal collar.