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THE STRANGER The best Discovery at Art Walk Last Night? That’s Easy. Martyr Sauce. by Jen Graves

SEATTLE TIMES (Cover): In Seattle Art World, Women Run the Show by Tricia Romano

MADAME FIGARO Tête de l’Art by Paola Genone

ROLLING STONE Seattle rocke encore by Alain Gouvrion

  DAZED A global list of Black-owned/founded museums, art galleries, and space

ARTSY  Black-Owned Galleries to Support in the United States

MEDIUM 'Tariqa Waters: ‘I Don’t Need To Make Any Apologies For What I Do As An Artist

SEATTLE MAGAZINE Artist and Gallerist Tariqa Waters & Nancy Guppy Take a Selfie by Nancy Guppy

CITY ARTS The Renegade: Tariqa Waters 2015 Future List by Amanda Manitach

SEATTLE MET Style Tag: Tariqa Waters by Laura Cassidy

VANGUARD The Style Fold: Tariqa Waters by Tiffany Bri

CITY ARTS  [Cover & Cover Issue] Modern Sorcery- Photography

SEATTLE TIMES Fixing Pioneer Square: Seattle’s original neighborhood is starting over by Tyrone Beason

SEATTLE TIMES Video: An evolving Pioneer Square by Corrinne Chin


THE STRANGER Cover Art- The Stranger: Martyr Sauce by Tariqa Waters

2016 CITY ARTS Artist of the Year by City Arts Staff

THE STRANGER Tariqa Waters Returns to the South in 100% Kanekalon Hair by Jen Graves

THE STRANGER Cover Art- The Stranger:  White Noise by Tariqa Waters

THE STRANGER Clyde Petersen’s Florida Is a Show-er and Grower by Jen Graves

THE STRANGER Tariqa Waters and the Art of Attitude by Jen Graves

VANGUARD Whoa. The Out of Sight 2016 Artist List is Up and It’s Amazing by T.S. Flock

SEATTLE MAGAZINE Awesome Old Prom Photos by Kimberly Downing


SEATTLE MAGAZINE Full Extension: Tariqa Waters’ Personal Art & Style by Jennifer McCullum

VANGUARD The State of the Arts: Farewells and Pitfalls in Pioneer Square by T.S. Flock

CITY ARTS Winter Art Walk Award 2015 by City Arts Staff Echo of Echoes by Devon Midori Hale

CITY ARTS Spring Art Walk Award 1st Place 2017 by Amanda Manitach

CITY ARTS More Martyr Sauce: The Pioneer Square gallery relocates by Jonathan Zwickel

REAL CHANGE Bibles, beer and honesty by Lisa Edge

25 SEATTLE WEEKLY Arts Events We’re Excited About This Summer by T.S. Flock

CITY ARTS Special Sauce by City Arts Staff


GEEK WIRE ['VEHICLE' PHOTOGRAPHER] Uber rolls out ‘Vehicle,’ a new magazine in Seattle and Washington, D.C., to share rider-driver stories

WORD PRESS An Open Letter to Bellevue Art Museum

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